The core competency of VOICE OF KHYBER FM NETWORK is its ideology. The VO KHYBER holds the belief that entertainment & information based media content is the most effective way of bringing a positive change in the society. It is a VO Khyber which deems in digging out knowledge about multiple aspects of life.
One of its kinds, this VO Khyber is designed to entertain people in the contemporary chaotic world and spread knowledge about anything and everything provided it helps the individuals and the KPK Province become stronger and better. The canvas of content is broad and open to all possible options of infotainment and entertainment to the extent of “Sky is the Limit”. VOICE OF KHYBER FM NETWORK not only provides guidelines to the people but also becomes their voice. The VO Khyber is commenced on the basis of the passion of exchanging knowledge to make contribution in the progression of people. It is a platform where individuals are entertained and heard, their lifestyle is improved, and their issues are discussed and solved. The individuality of this VO Khyber is its conviction of social welfare by spreading knowledge and awareness through news &  entertainment.

In this era of globalization and information technology, VOICE OF KHYBER FM NETWORK always welcomes new ideas and concepts of News & entertainment, promoting awareness and knowledge of all kinds and at all levels. The VO Khyber also welcomes all those systems, approaches, agendas and strategies, which have substantial purity and professionalism in social welfare. All channels of print and electronic media (radio/community radio and FM stations) that believe in entertainment and in serving the cause of social well being are considered virtual partners on ethical bases with a very broadminded approach.